Monday, February 14, 2011

spectacular day

Today I took a "mental health" day as a lot of people seem to do.. so why couldn't I? :) I did. It was fan-tas-tic! I spent some sleeping time... I did an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing meditation.. chakra healing.... and goodness was it healing... that is an experience I am always going to hold near and dear in my mind and heart. That definitely left an imprint..loved it <3. Then I got dressed in a cute outfit and went out with my mom... we ran some errands and got some food and then I got on my Enlightened Platypus coat and went out with Amanda to one of our favorite new shops... we talked with Karen of Eye of Nuit as well as Dave for quite a while about lots of lovely things... she gave us a sample of her first batch of candles! How sweet is she? This woman is so kind and lovely... If you're in the area definitely make a stop by her store.. it's worth it... Now I am home and showing off my new necklace from a co worker and enjoying my evening.. I'll be cleaning shortly. :D I am so excited... it may even be a smudging kind of night. Then again, that may wait... depends. :) I am in love <3

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