Monday, February 14, 2011

spectacular day

Today I took a "mental health" day as a lot of people seem to do.. so why couldn't I? :) I did. It was fan-tas-tic! I spent some sleeping time... I did an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing meditation.. chakra healing.... and goodness was it healing... that is an experience I am always going to hold near and dear in my mind and heart. That definitely left an imprint..loved it <3. Then I got dressed in a cute outfit and went out with my mom... we ran some errands and got some food and then I got on my Enlightened Platypus coat and went out with Amanda to one of our favorite new shops... we talked with Karen of Eye of Nuit as well as Dave for quite a while about lots of lovely things... she gave us a sample of her first batch of candles! How sweet is she? This woman is so kind and lovely... If you're in the area definitely make a stop by her store.. it's worth it... Now I am home and showing off my new necklace from a co worker and enjoying my evening.. I'll be cleaning shortly. :D I am so excited... it may even be a smudging kind of night. Then again, that may wait... depends. :) I am in love <3

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had a very weird dream this morning... first of all I was supposed to wake up at 6:05am with my alarm, but I shut it off and went back to sleep.. then I was supposed to wake up at 6:20 with my alarm.. I looked at it and went back to sleep.  On days where I know that I need to be awake I usually fight harder to stay up... but for some reason I was supposed to go back to sleep.  I had a crazy dream... it was a spiritual dream... it was an end of the world dream.. it was an amazing dream... in this dream I was able to fully communicate with and understand what animals were saying and feeling.. and I was able to comfort them.. I was with my family in this dream and animals I just met... the sky was dreary... it was like one of those days where the sky looks a weird, eerie color in between a dark grey and a yellow... there was a fog hanging in the air, but just above the buildings... it smelled like rain... and it smelled like the end. everyone knew the world was ending... we stayed with each other and all of our neighbors.. everyone had their doors open.. everyone was welcoming the end... everyone knew it was coming and everyone was calm... it was a weird dream, but i know that's how it will be when the end comes.. it will be calm, peaceful and where ever I am.. everyone will be accepting and waiting.. and loving and together... and it will have been an amazing life.. it is an amazing life, yes it is.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I don't know how it happens..

.. it just does.

We all have those times in our life where we fade out.. we disappear for a little while, take a step back to reflect or to get away, or a number of other reasons.

One particular thing I step back from occasionally is my path.  I get scared and I don't know if I'm going in the right direction so I just stop moving and put that on hold.  Every time my little... voice of Fate sees that I have dropped something for so long, they knock on the door and say hey! YOU need to get back on the ball, try again it's ok everything will work out as it should. and i say 'ok, i'll go, but slowly' and I do.. and every time I do everything comes flooding back to me... my power is renewed... my understandings... everything is reawakened into a new light.. every time i step back in an ability becomes stronger for me... a different one each time and in it's right... at the time that it should.

Right now this thing is my ability to read Tarot and Oracle decks.  I put away my Raider Waite deck for a while and focused on an Oracle deck I have (and love)  because I just wasn't FEELING the Raider Waite. I felt too much pressure and I was forcing myself to love it, I was forcing myself to understand... when that wasn't right for me. So I put it on the back burner... and guess who came a'knockin? my dear voice of Fate and it said "hey.. look at those Raider Waite cards sitting right there next to you... now that you're in your room and peaceful, you should grab them and give a one card reading a try" and I said "You know what... I should!" and I did.. once about a week ago.  I shuffled and I chose my card the way that feels right to me.. I told myself "pick YOUR card Amanda, don't just pick any card" and I picked up a card.. I looked at it and it WAS my card. I think I posted about this because I couldn't believe it.. and my dear friends just told me that I did do this. Ok, so last night I decided I was going to try again. I put on my lovely incense and I took my Raider Waite deck out of the cloth and I shuffled... and I spread them across their cloth and I said "Amanda, pick YOUR card" I scanned the deck a time or two to make sure I knew it was my card and then I picked it up. Oh.. my... goodness.

I had NEVER seen this card before.. I used to look at all of the cards and practice reciting what the wands meant and what the cups meant and so forth and so on and I had even practiced the Major Arcana, but I had NEVER seen this card before. I looked at it.. and I said "wow.. this looks like a wise bunch... there's a lot going on here, but it's all organized.. everything in my life is settling right now. I've opened the right door and now I have all of these lovely animals to watch over me while I take my first step" I talked about what the card screamed at me... there were books... there were Egyptian symbols.. I was at home. at home I tell you.. and I still don't know how it happened... how I picked up MY card the first time.. and knew what it was saying.. and how I picked up MY card a second time and knew exactly what it was saying.. How does it happen?

I have NO idea, but I am going to embrace it. It's times like these where I feel my flame rekindle and I see myself running down that wooded path looking for what's next... it always pops right out at me when I least expect it *cue the banging on the wall in front of me* (yes, it really did just happen as I typed out "pops right out") Isn't life amazing..

And another note.. I was telling a dear coworker friend about a story.. I've talked about it here several times.. well, my coworker and I share some similar things that no one else in our work place share..  they're all spiritual things and one day I mentioned that when lights are my cue for things... if the lights are different than they were before or than I feel they should be... that's my sign. I know something is going on and I know what to do. She said the exact same thing is for her.. I thought that was so great. Well, while I was telling her my story and I talked about how I always get a sign when I talk about this story and as I said something else about uncertainty, the lights flickered in our store. we both started laughing and said "ahh... well then" hah.. it was amazing.. sharing that with someone.

Embrace life!! It's so amazing.. the little things are what help. and a new goal I have for today is going to be to remind myself to think of the little things when I'm feeling down. I get so down, but as soon as a little thing pops in my head I am good to go. Sometimes I try to push them out of my head though... which isn't good, so we'll try harder to accept the little things that come to me when I am sad. Let's do it! <3

<3 love!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up, down, touch the ground


This is an entry, but not something long or thoughtful. I am just so tired of my ups and downs... I will be so happy all day or content and then one little thing triggers my sadness and then i'm sad... and it takes something else to cheer me up. i'm out of commission. i don't like this. i miss happy.. real happy, where my heart sings and i am happy to be alive... where did it go?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An exciting thing..

Alright.. so I'm not sure how to start this post. :)

One of the things I always say is that "everything happens for a reason and as it should." I say this even more since I was attuned with Reiki, because it is important to know that energy will do what it is supposed to do and things will happen as they should.  I love when I'm going through my day and I see things unfolded in front of my eyes that are supposed to happen a certain way... and they do.


A great example was Sunday while I was at work.  A lady came in with these HUGE fluffy boots on.. let me see if I can find a picture, wait.. nevermind I can't. Ok, well anyway, they were UGG boots that they stopped selling a few years ago, but she still has a pair and wears them out all the time.  I work in a shoe store, so talking about other shoe companies isn't really a good idea, but no one was in the store... we weren't very busy.  Ok, so we were talking about UGG boots and all these other fancy shmancy shoes that cost a lot of money when a guy walks into the store.  He looked completely lost, especially since we sell women's shoes and not men's. He comes up to me and asks if we sell UGG boots. I tell him no and that our mall does not sell them at all. Then the lady in the UGG boots walks over and helps him out to find out where he can find the boots.  When they started talking.. sparks flew for me, because it was the right place at the right time.  If I hadn't talked to her about those boots she would have left sooner and when he came in she would have been gone.. but she was there! and he was able to talk to her all about the boots and where to buy them.  I just love moments like that...


I just love when that happens... I love it. I feel so revitalized and energized in those moments... I have this "YES!" moment where I am so excited. I had another moment like that recently, but it's slipped my mind.  I just think those are such magical moments... and I love when I am a part of them (though technically they are happening all the time, all day I just don't always pay attention to that).  Do you ever step into a room or get to a certain part of your day and feel this... twinkle in your heart or in anywhere? Where you know this is a great moment and you are where you were meant to be?

This is such a great thing to remember and keep in your pocket for rainy days. Just remember, you are in this moment, this place, this circumstance for a reason and sooner or later you'll find out why. :) Embrace the moment, celebrate life.



Monday, January 31, 2011

Another awesome blog!

I am posting here about a blog I check in with every week! You can find the blog at:

She is doing a give away right now and she has a few different ways that you can enter the contest!! She is super crafty and her blog is so full of light and love! :) Go check her out!! You won't regret it.

Take care,


Palmistry blog

I was looking through blogger yesterday and I found this awesome blog about Palmistry! Go check it out at this link:

I have always been interested in learning palmistry and this blog gave me some fun ideas for learning with friends. :) :) Go take a peek.